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Full details and transparency on how print runs work:

One of the primary things I offer for sale on this site are limited edition print runs. The size of the run will always be listed in the details of the piece for sale, and will ship out hand-numbered. I may opt to print on an as-needed basis, meaning that if a certain piece is a run of twenty, I may print one at a time, per order.  After I print, number, and send the 20th, I won't be printing any more.

When a print run is sold out I will never be offering it at that size, or a similar size, again. I may choose to sell the image again in a significantly different size, format, or special edition. For example, if I'm selling "Evening Star" as a 20 print run in 9x14, once it's done I wont be doing anything comparable with it. It wont be available as an 8x10 or anything close to the original size. However it may become available as a small 4x5, either in limited or unlimited release, or larger poster-sized. It may get released as a run of stickers. I may also do  runs of the same piece at the same size, but with significant alterations like a changed color palette.

I want to be make it fully clear how I operate limited releases, because my word and integrity are the only thing I can stand on, and without trust and transparency my entire operation is undermined. So when you buy a limited print from me, you can rest assured you're receiving a properly numbered piece, and I want you to know that the same design may go back on sale in the future, but never in a format that betrays or undercuts the original exclusivity of your own print.