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Owlbear Illustrations is my online store for selling prints and original art. In the future I may expand to t-shirts, posters, and more. My name is Matt Sooby, and you can find my art posted elsewhere, previously under the handle "ValhallaBound". I wanted to start fresh with a new identity for my new store. The pieces posted here are made with prints in mind, the kind of images with illustrative qualities that I think would make for good wall art. I strive to incorporate strong symbolic themes and powerful visual imagery. I do as much of my art in physical media as possible, only using software to do minor touch-ups, color corrections, and small additions better suited to digital art. In places like my pinterest boards, you'll see that most of my work from the last few years is completely unaltered ink and watercolor.

My initial plans are to mainly produce my own original concepts, but if you're interested in commission work, contact me at matt@owlbearillustrations.com

Links to external sites with my work (and some general social media) are at the footer of the site.